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Equine osteopathy testimonials

Since your treatment, my trotting mare is in great chape. She's become successively 3th, 4th and 1ste place. Her trot is souple, quick and painless. Good work. Thanks a lot!
Frank V.

Thank you for all the work, my horse is again completely in shape. Yesterday we were third in dressage!
Axelle vH.

Assword is again OK, his turnings are again fine. Friday he was great at Cange sur Mer (trotting), he was second. I'm very happy.
Guy S.

First of all, I want to thank you for your patience during the treatment of Spirit. He was very difficult, hopefully it will get better bext time. I've noticed that 4 weeks after the treatment, in walk, he has stopped dragging wiht his hind legs (in trot he still does it from time to time). Also during training, he will stretch his neck much quicker. I'm very satisfied with your work.
Marjolein A.

Great guidance and result!
Sofie V.

What a difference for both my two PRE horses. They feel souple again and their look in their eyes shows more joy of life.
Rebecca C.

My horse has always difficulties in bending to the right (especially in the neck). After tretament this was resolved. He can now turn his head much easier. Great!
Rudy D.

I want to say that you did a great job with my horse Freya. She has never run so great, it's a difference of day and night. I also notice that she feels oneself much better. She runs much more foreward and I have again the feeling that I'm riding a young horse. It's again a pleasure to ride her. Surely I will now let her back being checked, so I will definitely contact you again. Thanks a lot!
Tatiana Q.

Lately, our horse did not like to work anymore. We suspected that he might suffer from a back problem. And indeed, since the treatment, he runs again super. I can even say that he has never run so well. It's a real pleasure.
Karin VDB.

A few days after the treatment, my horse was already much better. Her coat was shining, she can again roll over her back and also riding goes much easier. The canter is possible on both sides and se can relax easier at her bad side. That is really great!
Jessica V.

Our stallion had problems at his knees (patella blockage) and the blach smith noticed that he had difficulties in given his legs, especially the hind legs. When after 2 treatments, the blach smith came back, already at the first foot we noticed that it went more souple then before. Nervously we started with the hind legs, but it went by itself and we were ready much quicker then expected. Also his knees have not blocked anymore.
Patricia B.

We have bought our gelding so that our daughter could jump. At first, everything went well, but in time it became more difficult and the end, he even did not want to jump anymore. The result after 1 treatment was remarkable. He jumps again without any problems and in fact, it has never been so nice to ride him.
Kurt D.

My horse chico can again stretch his head and neck low, even in canter. He's moving much better than before. His shoulder feel more souple. It's a pleasure riding him now.
Una C.

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