Complaints for osteopath for horses

Is a dressage test hell for you, do you often get the remark that your horse does not collect well, does your horse shake his head often, is it very difficult to ride your horse in a supple and relaxing way, is your horse hanging on his bit, then it is very likely that your horse has back problems and/or other muscle problems.

How do these problems arise?

Horses are often used competitively, which increases the muscular demands and also the risk of injuries and other irregularities. In addition many problems with horses arise due to the downward action of the rider's body weight. But also on the pasture or during transport, your horse can make strange movements causing a starting back or muscular problem.This is often not immediately noticed, but in time this injury becomes worse. Therefore intervene quickly is the word.

Here is a short overview of different kind of problems were an equine osteooath can help

Behavioral problems

  • problems with saddling up
  • gird pressure
  • headshaking
  • many forms of resistance, …

Performance problems

  • irregular walk-trot-gallop
  • slowly warming-up,
  • problems with transitions
  • the horse does not use his back at a jump
  • the horse runs off after a jump,
  • in dressage the horse can't do the requested exercises, …

Physical problems

  • limping on and off (is often a back problem)
  • difficulties bending inwards
  • a crooked tail,

Other problems

  • skin disorders
  • difficulties with coat changes
  • fertility problems
  • difficulties in wound healing, …

As mentioned above, these problems come gradually. The sooner they're discovered, the better they can be resolved. Therefore do not wait too long before asking for help from your osteopath for horses. I come in the region of Flemish Brabant, Waals Brabant, East Flanders, West Flanders and Atnwerp. Do you want more information about prices, links and blog? Don't hésitate to contact me.


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