Non-ethical mistakes in horse training

Very often, the behavior of a horse is seen as dominant, aggressive, manipulative, naughty, deliberately deceiving, etc. This view is negatively...

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General tips for a proper conditioning of your horse

A proper training of your horse is not only important to improve his condition, but also to reduce the risk of injuries. You need to take into...

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What are the benefits of jm equine sportsmassage?

What is muscle cramp?
When everything functions normal in a muscle, the muscle can contract evenly and relax with the same speed. When there is...

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Not wanting to go in left or right gallop

In the gallop, there is a moment where the full bodyweight of the horse comes on 1 front leg (just before the floating moment). In the left gallop,...

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How to prevent tendon injuries?

Tendon problems appear mostly to the foreleg. 60% of the total weight of the horse is carried by the forehand. Under normal circumstances, this...

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When is a horse old enough to be ridden

Horses are mostly ridden from the age of 3. Quarters even at 2 years. At this age, trotters often do their first competition. When is a horse...

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Hip dysplasia in dogs - what can osteopathy do?

Hip dysplasia or HD, is a common illness of the hip-joint in dogs. Heredity could play a role, as well as food, weight and movement. It appears...

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Find out what influence the head has on the back of the horse

In a previous blog, I’ve already spoken about the forward-downward stretched neck position and how important this is for a good warming-up. In this...

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More information from posture of a horse

Did you know that a certain posture of the legs can be an indication of internal problems?

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Tips for training your horse

Read here some useful tips to keep your horse in good shape.

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Patella problems in horses and dogs

Horses and dogs have a patella (knee-cap), like humans. The knee-cap is hanging loose in the knee and can therefore easily be moved.

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What is a blockage or blocked vertebra?

I notice that the term “blockage or blocked vertebra” often causes confusion. That’s why I want to explain what an osteopath understands about it.

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How do you recognise back problems?

In osteopathy, the back is a very important part of the body: each cell in the body obtains information from the brains that goes through the...

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